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Troop Comments

"I want to thank you and Bill McGee for all your help on this order. Your companies customer support is AMAZING!!! If your candy is anything like your customer support our troop will be using Heart and Soul Candies over and over again. You guys rock!!!"  - Clint, Troopmaster, TX2314

"When I was in Portland at the TLT and met you, sampling your chocolate along the way, I knew our troop had already decided to purchase chocolate to try and raise money for our operations.  I'll admit, even though I liked the chocolate, how could I not, I didn't think it would be the most successful fundraiser.  I am a doubting Thomas, at heart.  Our plan was not to hand candy bars to the boys for them to sell to their friends and family, but for us to have a couple of events and sell it to the community at large.  Well, by the end of our first event, we only have a little less than two cases left, of the original sixteen we purchased.  This has been an amazingly successful fundraiser and I want to thank you for being there for Trail Life USA and helping to support us. P.S.  I have been giving samples of the bars to all of the TLUSA and AHG troops in the region.  I am trying to get the word out." - Danny B, TLUSA - Alaska Area Point Man and Troop AK-226, Charter Org. Rep AHG Troop AK-2008, Vice-Coordinator


"Compliments on the product. Thank you for the sample. Great chocolate!" - Gayle R


"I strongly encourage you to consider Heart and Soul Candies, which is an official Preferred National Fundraising Program of Trail Life USA...Thanks for helping the Trailmen in Missouri..." - Ollie S, Missouri Pointman

"We were not expecting the wonderful, overwhelming response that we received from selling the chocolate and are almost out." - TLUSA NJ0316

"The candy bar sales went GREAT...!  ...The ordering process was great, and your response was quick and you were very helpful when I needed to find out about the packages.  So, (for) all of it!  Thank you!" - TLUSA TX0382

"Thanks for all your continued help... We are very excited at how well the bars are selling... Thanks again." - TLUSA TX-0421

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