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Blessings From Our Customers... 

"I am a big fan of your chocolate, especially at Valentines Day" - Kelly

"Easter candy was wonderful. I love the cross on the package. Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your product."- Becky

"It's great being able to buy easter candie that reflects th true meaning of easter with packaging and candy. Keep it up, great product!"- Michael B.

"I loved the Valentine gift of chocolates that my daughter gave us on Valentines Day..The chocolates were delicious and the blessings were too. It is so good and upliftling to see God's Word in those things we love, knowing all things come from HIM anyway"- Lola E

"Purchased a box with a cross on it and heart shaped candies, I was very delighted to see these in Walmart. I was very impressed with the quality of the chocolate and the packaging how it was so nice to fin something spiritual with the quality at Walmart, I was just impressed with everything and wanted you to keep up the good work and being make in USA was a bonus, Thank-You."- Denise

"I recently bought a box of your chocolate hearts & they were absolutely delicious." - Deborah C.

"Shopping in Walmart yesterday and saw heart shaped candy box with verse on it: I am happy what you put on your product and happy they carry it. Purchased it, was impressed!!" - Mattie W 

"Loves your candy.... will tell all of her friends!"

"Just want to say thank-you for putting out something that reflects the true meaning of Easter. I never thought about it much till recently that there is only one small section of the Cross, the rest is bunnies, eggs and baskets. So Thank-you and God Bless You. Keep on making a difference!" In Christ, Lori

 "I was looking for a treat to give my youth class at church and found these boxed chocolate candies referenced to God at Wal-Mart!!! To God be the Glory theirs a company who sells candy and give a positive messages" - Sister Kala

"Where can we purchase your candy? I had a sample at our women's conference and fell in love with the rich chocolatey taste…" - Beverly D


"I received two boxes of 9 piece milk chocolate candy hearts. They are so good…" - Adraka T


 "My daughter bought me some chocolate meltaway hearts for easter, they are really good…" - Barbara M 

 "As I write this, I am eating a box of "The King of Kings and Lord of Lords" 1 Timothy 6:15 chocolates. I have always wondered why and not been too fond of the fact that all candies for Easter are eggs and bunnies only. For the first time, someone made their candies using the real meaning. We love the scripture and the chocolates are great as well. My husband and I are just thrilled to have your chocolates in our kids Easter baskets this year! He's already said "we are getting these every Easter". Thank you for a wonderful box of chocolates with a beautiful message! God bless you all." ? - Lucia H

 "... I just had to email you to tell you how delicious your Chocolate Meltaways are! I purchased a box of the Meltaways at Wal-Mart over Christmas... Your product is simply the best!!!  Keep making the beautiful packaging and the fantastic product!" - Margaret C.

"Grace and peace,I was delighted with a gift of your chocolates at a church banquet..." - Pastor Charlotte W, Joy Church 


"I recently purchased a box of your fine chocolates. These were the Christmas chocolates with the inscriptions Believe, Celebrate and Joy on the cover. I must say your chocolates are of excellent quality, but more important to me are the Bible verses printed on the cover. In this day and age it is so refreshing to find a Christian based company, especially one that is not ashamed to acknowledge the Bible and print Bible verses on their product. I truly appreciate your company and hope to be able to find your products on store shelves as I would rather have my hard earned dollars go to a company like yours. Thanks once again for your wonderful products!!!" - Mary S.

"Grace and peace, I was delighted with a gift of your chocolates at a church banquet." - Pastor Charlotte W.

"Just wanted to say thank you for honoring the Word with your candy. It is a wonderful idea and approach. May God bless you." - Victoria

"The candy is delicious and selling like crazy! Thanks again," - Kathie, Marytown Gift Shop

"...I would like to commend you on your fabulous ministry. I tasted the chocolates and they were awesome!"

“Just wanted to let you know we purchased a box of your chocolates for a family member this year, and then received a box from an Egyptian friend and co-worker.  What a delight! The chocolates are wonderful and your message and mission inspiring.  I plan to share your website with other Christian friends. Blessings to you and your mission as you continue to seek to honor God in all you do!!”  - Teresa 

"I was pleasantly surprised to receive a box of your "Heart and Soul" Candies for Valentines Day. We were so impressed that the Lord is in this candy company. By the way, it is delicious! I said there must be a website, please let me know more of your candies, you know Easter the great day of our Lord is approaching. Looking for your new items. Will buy yours from now on and TELL OTHERS Blessings" - Belinda J 

"What a sweet way to spread God's love! I wish you much success. Please pray that I will find the ministry that God would have me do. Thank you." - Carol W  

"I was excited to find a biblical based candy.  The chocolates are delicious.  I look forward to ordering in the future.  I am eager to help spread the love of God with you. Continued success! God Bless You!" - Yvette A

"… and we were reminded how perfectly we are nourished by God's love as we read the inscription on the box of chocolates that came to my door last night. I know in that box came a blessing. A reminder of God's hand watching over us and caring for us all. A blessing we would not have experienced in any other way...any other form but for the box of chocolates he chose to bring me in love last night. Thank you for your Ministry and this opportunity to share with you my  Valentine's gift. In Light and Love," -  Melissa N

"I have recently discovered your product........I am going through a difficult period in my life and my mom bought me a box of chocolate for Valentines Day in the hopes of giving me some cheer.  She didn’t know about your company’s philosophy until I turned the box over and read the message. I am a Christian and I want to bless you for all you are doing to spread Gods word...... May the Lord bless you and your company," -  Maria C.

"On Feb. 14th. I received my 54th. box of candy from my husband and it was you product.  It was wonderful and delicious!!!  However the best thing about it was the scriptures and religious foundation of your candies!! We are a Christian family and really appreciate your witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus! Will always look for your candies." - Gene

 "I had a box of the “Joy” J and I have fallen for you chocolates.  They are delicious. Thanks!" - Tasha

"Thank you so much and thank you again for going that extra step. Wonderful customer service...and he LOVED the chocolate. Thanks again" - Susan 

"The delivery of the DARK chocolates caused quite a stir at my house. You see, I’m a milk chocolate kind of guy, and that’s why I ordered the Dark. Since my wife loves the dark, I thought I would easily be able to keep my hands out of HER dark. However, when I tasted her dark after she told me how good they were, well…that’s when the “trouble man” stepped in. I guess since the box was a gift for her, I’ll just retreat!!! GREAT JOB!!!"  - Paul C


 "I just had one of your dark chocolate solid hearts and I think it was the best chocolate I’ve ever had! I just had to tell you!"  - For the children of the world,  World Indigenous Missions, Julie B.


"...awesome product/concept!  Love it!!" - Melissa B.




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