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What the troops are saying...


"Thanks for all the hard work you do, and using your talents where God has put you.  It is much appreciated!" - IA0449

"We have had a great fundraiser...Thanks for everything" - MD0413

"I really appreciate your business and your help. Heart and Soul is a wonderful company to work with. God bless you!" - TC CA0049

"Another great year with Heart and Soul!  Thank you!" - TX2415, TC 

"The feedback on the chocolate so far has been very positive.  Now that we have had the opportunity to experience the sale, we are already looking forward to making next years sale bigger and better! Thanks for all your help!" TC, OH-0031

"Thank you again for all your help to get the candy shipment to us.  What a success we had distributing out.  So good that we literally ran out." - VA1010

"I look forward to working with you again this year. You were such a big help to me last year being our first fundraiser with you guys."... ( f/up comment)..."A lot of families are doing more than expected in individual sales. Our 16 cases coming next week will be just enough to cover next weekends site sales and what is already claimed to be checked out by families. I only have 8 cases left from yesterday's delivery and they are for this weekends site sales. We have almost ordered twice as much as last year already! Crazy!"  - CA5160

"Thank you so much for all of your help every year.  It is greatly appreciated.  Prayers for a healthy and blessed new year." - MD0413

"You have been awesome to work with and the chocolate is fantastic!!!!:)... Thank you for your time!! You all have made this fund raising time so easy and smooth!! I appreciate it!" - IN4540


"The girls and their families went to Maggie Moos...We actually had some money left when we were done so at our opening ceremony in September, we had ice cream pizzas from Maggie Moos. Thank you so much for the ice cream party!"  - TOP TROOP BOX SALES MI6538

From a 2013-14 Top Selling Troop "Our goal was for each girl to sell enough candy to cover at least half of her cost for camp--one case and 5 boxes each.  Many girls went far beyond--our top seller sold 4 cases and 44 boxes--wow!!!  She was able to cover the cost for her mom to attend camp and cover the cost of another mom who wasn’t able to afford to attend with her daughter--that truly touched my heart. We also arranged with three Kroger grocery stores to set up a table at the entrance to sell chocolate--we weathered cold and rain, but it was worth it!!  I am so proud of all of our girls for their amazing efforts!!!" - TX1248

From a 2013-2014 Top Selling Troop - "We looked at what we sold in 2013 and knew we could sell a little more. Then we asked the Knights of Columbus at 3 different churches if we could sell at their breakfasts (2) or dinner (1). We sold after all weekend Masses at 2 churches. One of our mom's asked her pastor if we could sell after all the weekend Masses and we sold out before the last Mass started. We even did this without electricity for 2 of the Masses. Yes, we Catholics still hold Mass even if there is no electricity. Just leave on your coat and pray harder. ;). We also had girls sell to their family, friends and co-workers. We told what great gifts the boxes make and that the bars are  great stocking stuffers or to add to a gift card.  Prayer also helped when we had half to sell with no more selling opportunities scheduled." - MI6538

"Thank you so much for your help and your prompt responses!" - TX-0240

"…Got our bass pro shop site sales set up (Show-n-Sell) and did our first one today and it went great!! We have two more weekends end of march confirmed so we will be ordering more before the 2/27 deadline. … Thank you for all your help." - Renee , CA5160

"Folks sure love this chocolate! Our extra 100 boxes arrived yesterday and we only have 38 boxes left going into our community sell tomorrow! Wow!"
Amy, TC MS1271

"We are excited about a fundraiser with an organization that supports what we believe and stand for in our newly forming AHG Troop. I have already been online and checking all your easy to access and understand information sites. You have it made it quite easy for our Troop and it's leaders to provide a quality product to sell and tools to implement the fundraiser that are easy to understand. God bless your business and the families who work within your company"- Troop Shepherd SC0516

"Thanks again for making this sooo easy!" - IL0908

"Our order arrived and our families are VERY pleased with the boxes. We want to thank you again for the superior product. Thank you so much for working with our Troop in a timely manner." - CA0049

"You're idea about partnering with the church was fantasic. We had 37 bars donated to our giving tree program. ...The boxes were so beautiful I wished I bought more.  We also really loved the way the candy was packaged. Very beautiful and elegant. Thank you for such a great fundraiser. Can't wait tell next year"  - WA0007


We did great selling our bars and have learned that we need to order more next year since we sold out at our show and sale events.  Folks enjoyed the candy- MD0413

This was our favorite fundraiser -- we would request more dark chocolate bars next time, we sold out of them really fast - TC PA0267

We couldn't believe how fast the Dark chocolate bars sold- New Troop - TX1248

We ordered some Easter Candy Bars and they are selling great so we want to add some more candy bars. Thanks for making a GREAT chocolate!- TC TX1027

EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for all of your help today. We will be excited to do another fundraiser with your company again at Christmas! :-)

Everything looks great - we are looking forward to this sale! Thanks for ALL the sales tips, tally forms, and everything else you provide. UPDATE - Since the chocolate sold out before some girls who wished to participate in the sales had a chance to, we will be ordering a few more cases in March. The dark chocolate is a GREAT seller - it's what most of the women want! - Joanne T, IL0224

 I received my order today, and it was perfect timing -- our troop meeting was tonight :-)  Thank you!!  The candy looked awesome, I love the pink AHG candy bar boxes!!. Charlene W, PA0267

Our small troop of 13 sold all but 4 boxes of 120 and that was because we canceled the next weekend of selling because all we had was 7 boxes after the first weekend. They would have gone if they were either caramel or milk. We could have probably sold another 50 boxes and 2 cases of bars, especially if we had more caramel. Next year we will get more and it will be 40% caramel, 40% milk and 20% milk/dark. Yummy!!!!! Looking forward to working with you next year. :). Heidi, MI6538

Thank you very much for your service and willingness to support the fundraising of AHG. We’ll be back next year…PA2011

Thank you for taking such good care of us… VA1010

Candy Bars 2012

"We are looking forward to a great candy bar sale!"...Thank you so much for your quick response and information.  We have a Board Meeting this week and I am sure I will have more questions for you at that time. Thank you so much for your patience as we build our troop and learn the process!"- IN3712

Valentines 2012

"Wow!  Thank you.  She is counting the days until we leave for Knoxville to go to summer camp there.  She earned her way" - Top Seller Valentines 2012

"Thank you very much for everything ... the Wilmington Community loved Heart & Soul Candies!!"- OH0222

"Thank you and looking forward to next fall's fundraiser!"- TX0191

"Thanks for offering the free products we earned as well! We love the free shipping and was a factor in our troop's decision to do Heart and Soul!"- VA2345 

"We are excited to sell your product this year for Valentine's Day.  We are hoping to raise money to help cover expenses for camp."

"My own 3 daughters were very excited about your Sister Patch program and as a parent, thank you for giving them incentives to work together as a team."- TC for WA0716

"Thank you, we are looking forward to our Valentines fundraiser!" - IN0138

"The samples were a BIG hit and sold a lot of people on the products" - MD1208

"...Can't wait until next year!..."- MN2931


Christmas 2011 

"This is my first time doing a fundraiser of this type and heading it up.  We enjoyed it!" - FC for NC2011

"Thank you so much.  This was a great selling experience for our troop.  We are in our second year as an AHG troop and this was our first major fundraiser.  You made it so very simple and the orders were filled with great precision.  Thank you for your excellent customer service!" - Ann G, MO1345

"My daughter went out to sell the boxes, she had 40 with her, and she sold all but 5.  She only went to 8 houses!  Can we order more boxes??  We have over 500 homes in our neighborhood....she won't go to all though! HA! - TX2407

"We had a great time selling Heart and Soul Chocolates for the first time.  The chocolate is very good and we had many great responses from different people about the packaging of the chocolate. Thanks" - Jenny M IL8510

"We close our meeting with a prayer over the girls, the verse we reference is Numbers 6:24, we love these candy bars as they have special meaning to us" - IN0208

"Thank you for your quick response - it was so helpful. I see you are working well into your "free time", so thank you for serving! The selling has been fun and the girls are enjoying fundraising. I see it as a great way to witness to all those we come into contact with as they are asking what AHG is. We can share that we are a scouting program that is Christ centered!" - Shauna E, WA1900

"The families, and leaders, have been very pleased with the fundraiser thus far. Thank you so much!" - MS0019

"This has been our greatest fundraiser so far, after 3 1/2 years as a troop.  And we aren't even done with our show 'n' sells."- MI0138

"Thanks so much for all your help last year, I enjoyed working with you!"- CO4316

"Thanks for everything!" - IL8510

"We love the boxes and I hope to finish selling my 2nd case tomorrow. People love them, even after Halloween!" -KY3130

"We had our meeting last night and everyone loved the candy bars" .... "Thanks so much!  We are very grateful for everything you have been able to do for us." - KY3130

"We LOVE the chocolate bars" AHG, Inc. 

"Just wanted to let you know that the neck wallets for Camp Wannacombac arrived today!  They are lovely and we are very excited about giving them to our girls."- SC7777


2011 Top Valentine Troops:

"Working backward from how much our Troop needs for our budget, we figured we would need to sell around 500 boxes (trusting in the Lord!). We gave the girls the pre-order form so they could pre-sell and then filled their orders at our Feb 8th meeting. We also received permission from our Church to set up tables outside of Church after Masses the weekend of Feb 12 &13. We were blessed w/ great weather. We did have about 15 unsold boxes; so we visited local nursing homes to drop them off on St Valentine's Day." - OH3712 

"AHG TX1171 is part of Scout Family 1171.  Scout Family 1171 was established to develop a sense of community among Christian home schooling families in the Flower Mound, TX area and to encourage and help advance a Godly generation. Scout Family 1171 is a Christian Scout group and presents itself as a light to the world. We are comprised of American Heritage Girls, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing Crew, with a membership of more than 75 families and nearly 150 youth.  Because we know children are a gift from God, we desire to promote family activities and togetherness.   


TX1171 is in its third year with 42 girls at the time of the Valentine’s fundraiser (we have since added 4 new members to our growing troop).  We have girls in each unit from Pathfinders to Patriots and pride ourselves on our dedicated Unit Leaders and leadership team.  Without our amazing parents, our program would not be the incredible success that it is today.  We have many planned events throughout the year, as a troop, as well as with Scout Family.  Our upcoming 50’s themed Father/Daughter Dance is a highlight this year.   


TX1171 participated in the Heart and Soul Christmas fundraiser, with one of our girls being the 2nd top seller in the nation.  We did door to door sales and were pleased to sell 631 boxes with 27 girls participating.  We took a risk for the Valentine’s fundraiser and offered door to door, as well as our first Show n’ Sell.  On faith, we ordered 600 boxes.  In the snow and blistering cold weather, our girls bundled up and stood outside stores 5 weekends in a row.  After 3 weekends of weak sales, I was doubtful my dining room would ever be free of chocolate and we would lose a tremendous amount of money on our risk.  Our sweet Shepherd prayed over every single box we had left and convinced us that God would sell every last one.  She was right, in a mighty way.  God was faithful.  It was amazing to see God at work the last 2 weekends of sales and donations.  25 of our girls participated and sold 648 boxes.  We also had the opportunity to donate 20 boxes to a local women’s shelter to bless those who were hurting on Valentine’s Day.  


We learned many valuable lessons… first, always trust God because He is always faithful.  Second, AHG Show n’ Sells are vital to our organization.  So many people have never heard of AHG and this was a wonderful opportunity to share who we are and what we believe.  The response was amazing… people loved to hear about a Christ-centered organization.  We educated dozens of people on AHG and our partnership with BSA.  What a blessing!!


Thank you, Heart and Soul, for this fundraising ministry.  We loved working with you this year and can’t wait until next year!!  God is good… All the Time." - Robin C, AHG TX1171 Coordinator


"I never considered that our small and brand new troop would have one of the top sellers". Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  We hope to participate again next year in the Valentine's sale! - MD1208


"Thank you also for being so easy and wonderful to work with.  It has been a joy!"  - Suzanne

"Thanks again for all you do!  This is a wonderful fundraiser!  Out of our 27 girls 23 of them met or succeeded their fundraising goal for the 2010-2011 year with this one fundraiser.  Thank you so much!  Have a blessed holiday!" - Stephanie, Troop Treasurer


"You have a wonderful product that our girls appear to like as well." - Carol

"The sale went great. ...thank you so much for this fundraiser!  It has been wonderful!! - Stephanie

"...I hear Heart and Soul had a FABULOUS selling year. That is awesome!..." - Sally 

"..Got mine yesterday! YUM! and SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!" - Beth

 At the 2010 AHG BAM Convention in OH

"... we are definitely in for Christmas 2010! At the convention our troop members probably ate 3 boxes of chocolates regular_smile.gif, LOL!... they were good! They were waiting for that nice fellow (the owner) to turn and talk to me, as they tried to sneak the candy.  My daughter is a candy nut, to the point of I really think she might start her own business!  LOL.  They got the “guilts” because on the bus, they slipped me 2 pieces and apologized.  They told me they would get in front of the troop and talk about the candies!  So, I don’t have to, LOL. - Sherri

...The fundraiser allowed us to take our troop for an overnight stay at the zoo... the girls loved it!


...During the huge snow storm at Christmas, my girls dressed in their AHG uniforms and gave chocolate boxes as a gift to our neighbors who were shoveling snow. After receiving their chocolate gift, many didn't want us to leave and new relationships were developed.


...You did so much last year, we can't believe you are giving more money to AHG!


...I am going to sell my boxes to help with my Compassion Child - troop member


...The chocolate is great, but the message is better! - 2009 Top Seller 


An AHG leader who was a major chocolate lover came by our booth... LOVED our chocolate! We got a thumbs- up and a high five!


...Yummy, delicious, soooo good, not your regular "fundraiser chocolate", huge smiles and can I have another piece? ... were amongst the many comments we received!


Christmas 2009 & Valentines 2010 Fundraiser

"Everyone in our troop leadership enjoyed the chocolate and esp the dark! Thanks for the free samples...we are glad to sell them!" - Sarah

"Thanks again for all your hard work. I know the Lord has something very special planned for both your company and American Heritage Girls." - Jeanne


"Thanks for your delightful message you left the other night.  Thanks also for the information you have emailed. ...I'm excited about the partnership you have with AHG and I hope it ends up being a win/win venture."- LeAnn

"...Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to the sale. Let the candy making machines roll!!" .... Thanks for the great product and comprehensive sales plan. It worked! " - Lynelle

 ... (a third grade tenderfoot) - “She has a strong seller for a brother. He has sold for Boy Scouts for many years. She learned from him and has only approached people she knows and is comfortable speaking (or emailing) with. She had many sales to family and she especially sold well to people that she knew would appreciate the Christian messages on the boxes. It was an incredible easy product for her to sell, her first ever sales experience. Of course the samples were a great incentive. When asked if the chocolates were good, she'd smile her huge smile and happily report "they are delicious!" Thanks for making it a great learning and growing experience for her!”  - Lynelle

"...looking forward to providing a quality product with a wonderful message to our community this Christmas Season" - Karrie

"THANK YOU so much"- Denise

"...It was a pleasure working with you. You were very helpful and pleasant. I appreciate you!!!!" - Missy

"...We got our Christmas candy today, we are so excited!  Beautiful product!"- Robyn

"...We are excited about working with H&S as a future fundraiser in our area and appreciate that we can work with an organization who is not afraid to keep "Christ" in Christmas. Blessings to each and everyone of you who helped to get our order here, and especially Thanks to you Jeannie for being there with a quick response to our frequent questions! Merry Christmas!"- Abby

"Thank you so much for your time. The count on the boxes of chocolate was perfect, and they appear to have arrived in very good condition!" - Michelle 


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